Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Halloween Costume Is Done

Well, I got my costume done. I may create some accessory later, but for now I'm happy. My husband and I are doing a casino type theme. My dress reflects cards and poker. I'll also have a necklace made out of tiny red dice. It's really cute. My husband will be wearing a jacket with tails made from billiards fabric. He'll also carry a pool stick around with him. So I guess he'll be a pool shark. I had to do something creative this year as I love Halloween and last year I was too pregnant and tired to care, which is odd for me since I always dress up. I threw together some last-minute hippy chick ensemble. Not my best work.

Now I just gotta get my husband's costume done and I'll be all set. This year I sewed up four Halloween costumes: definitely a record. Five total will have been sewn by me since our baby daughter will wear a costume I sewed for my oldest child when she was a baby. In fact, it's the first real garment I ever sewed.


Janine said...

Wow! That's amazing! I can't wait to see a picture of you in it. That fabric looks like it would have been tough to sew. Very creative. Love the boas.
I must say, the Hippie Chick was pretty cute last year!

Cindy Lou said...

Jennifer, I totally *adore* that costume! Great, great work. You're good, man!