Monday, May 12, 2008

My Mother's Day Weekend

It was awesome! My husband Tim worked so hard to make the weekend absolutely perfect for me and he succeeded. He started off the weekend by fixing our pond waterfall for me and improving our vegetable garden.

On Saturday Tim and our girls presented me with my mother's day gift:

A NEW LAPTOP!!! WOW! I didn't realize I did a good enough job to get THAT present! Boy was I shocked. It's fast, powerful, and even has some cool extras like a webcam, full number pad (important for accountants...hehe), and sweet lightning design. Now the lightning design was picked out by Tim and our two girls. Although if my oldest had her way 100% my laptop would now be covered in cute flowers. It's a decal that my husband put on my computer. It took him 20 minutes to get it on there. He's an extremely patient man, by the way. He did such a great job that the design looks painted on. He got the decal from Decalgirl. Funny enough, when I first opened my present and saw it was a laptop, the first thing I thought about was getting the purple lightning decal from Then I pull out the laptop and there it is: my decal already on there! So now for the first time I have the fastest most powerful computer in the house. My prior laptop was ancient and dying, so this laptop is amazing to me.

On Sunday morning I woke up to breakfast in bed. It's definitely confusing waking up and being offered breakfast on a tray. I loved it! Then we go to church where my husband had another surprise. This time it was for all the moms at church. Tim had purchased roses and had a kid at church hand a rose out to each mother there. Later of course, we went out to a nice dinner with his mother and family as well.

It was a wonderful weekend. I'm still kinda in shock from it all. I love my family so much and to see how much trouble they went through this weekend because they love me was so touching.

My only worry now is Father's Day. Mother's Day is a tough act to follow! What in the world do I do for Father's Day?!

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Janine said...

What a great hubby! You'll have to keep him! Sounds like he really appreciates you. And it was so sweet of Tim to get all of us moms roses at church. I'm still enjoying mine!