Thursday, May 15, 2008

How Many Inches In A Yard?

36. The answer is 36. Let's see, when would this tidbit of information be important? Oh gee, I dunno, I suppose if you worked at a fabric store this would be something you should know. ARGH! So yeah, with employees like that no wonder Hancock Fabrics had to file Chapter 11. I really need to go check out G Street Fabrics. I wonder if their employees know what a yard is and understand basic fractions.

I'm currently working on this top (Kwik Sew 3378):

I just barely had enough fabric for my shirt after I changed around the way the pattern pieces were laying. Hence my mini-rant about fabric cutting. So whenever I get fabric cut I guess I have to babysit the cutting people by measuring the fabric right there in the store. Sad really.

I'm hoping to get this shirt done soon as I even have a skirt I just made to go with it. The skirt is mostly done, just need to hem it. It'll be exciting to have something to wear that actually fits since I lost 20 lbs. I must admit I haven't been as productive due to my new laptop. I've been relishing having a computer that isn't slow, so I've been playing Half Life 2 on there. If all goes well today and I can find some time, I'm hoping to get my shirt sewn. My goal is to have my outfit done in time for church on Sunday. I just hope I sew the shirt right. I have no luck with clothing for me.


Paula said...

I always watch them cut my fabric. Sometimes I make them refold it before they cut it, sometimes I have to correct their math, sometimes I have to point out a 3 inch flaw in the fabric that they didn't notice...

Janine said...

I saw the shirt. It's great! I'm glad you had enough fabric. It's too bad that we have to watch the clerks, but I guess we do. Can't wait to see your next creation.

angie.a said...

I have to babysit them too! Annoys me, but what else can you do??

I've made the KS twist top a few times! It's pretty failproof for me, so I hope you had good results! I love my tops from this pattern.