Monday, May 5, 2008

Epic Fail

This picture does a much better job summarizing my progress with my baby daughter's swimsuit than any of my words could.

My first attempt at the baby swimsuit failed. Big time. It really annoys me and puts me in a bad mood for most of the day when that happens.

For whatever reason my brain mixed up the torso and height measurements. So then I sewed a size small, which makes no sense because it says "6-12 months" right there next to it!! DUH! My daughter isn't quite 5 months old yet. I was supposed to sew the extra small size for 3-6 months.

So I figured well, I'll just keep going with it since I got this far, then just give the swimsuit to someone with a bigger baby girl. Yeah. Right. That's when I discovered that the straps weren't quite working right. I couldn't fold enough of the fabric over the elastic. I think the elastic should be 1/4" not 3/8" like what the pattern suggests. I'm going to try 1/4" with this next attempt. Good thing I ended up ordering a little extra from Spandex House and also that they give generous cuts. I had enough fabric to attempt this the second time and still enough left over for my bathing suit. Oh, and just to note, it takes FOREVER to sew ruffles on a swimsuit. You wouldn't think so, but it does. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! And I have to do this. All. Over. Again.

Since it's the day after I can kind of see just a little bit of the humor in this. I'll see more of the humor once I actually have a functional cute swimsuit for my baby. At any given moment anymore I'm pretty much half-asleep when sewing. It's also hard to concentrate with everything going on.

I'm actually satisfied to get the amount of sewing done that I do achieve. Hopefully this next attempt will go better. I can't work on it at the moment which is a shame since my older daughters are playing happily and the baby is napping. I'm half-blind because my glasses lens popped out and I'm wearing contacts because I can't locate a screw for my glasses lens. I can't see things up close with contacts. This screen is blurry right now and forget seeing the stitching while I'm sewing.

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Janine said...

Ah, Pyrose...that's too bad! Glad you still have enough fabric. It'll be so rewarding when you have it done. I know the feeling of frustration though. Not fun. Hope you get your glasses fixed soon!