Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Dress

Every year my husband's work throws a great Christmas party. It's being held in a nice hotel, so I want to wear something beautiful. If I buy a dress my only options are knits as my chest is bigger than what RTW allows for. I had decided lately that I don't have time to make a Christmas dress. But then I saw this from the Burda December preview:
So I'll wait until my Burda gets here and then I'll decide if it's doable in time for the party or not. I want something that's sexy but I don't want to look trashy or silly. This dress seems like it may fit the bill.

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Cindy Lou said...

Hi-- I really love that dress too. If you do decide to make it in the future, please let me know! Scott's party is in 3 days, and I have absolutely nothing to wear and no time to make anything. Sucks.