Monday, August 25, 2008

Losing My Mind

Seriously, I'm going to scream. I already had a breakdown from this Sears nightmare, but I think now I'm going to start screaming again like a loon until someone comes to haul me away and put me in my padded cell.

I got a call last night saying I'm scheduled for a dryer hookup (of the stuff my stupid installer forgot). I called last night, canceled that and scheduled for these people to come out on Wednesday to take the washer and dryer and refund me for this dumb purchase. So this morning (at 7:30 mind you!) I get a call from the driver verifying he's coming by today to install the steam for the dryer. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!

So I call up to cancel the driver coming by today. The lady informs me there's nothing in her computer indicating any such appointment. I point out that I got TWO PHONE CALLS stating there WAS such an appointment. She says she can't do anything so I said fine, it's just a wasted trip for some poor guy. Whatever. Like I care at this point. Then she tells me that no one will be out today. How did we go from "Duh, I don't know." to "Sure, he won't be out."? Especially since it's not in her computer system.

This is why Sears is stupid and evil. All support goes through a central call system. So once you're out the store doors, you're on your own with the central processing center. Even if the store where you bought the item wants to help you, they can't. They're not allowed to do anything. The central center does it all.

I'm drafting a receipt up for the delivery guys to sign when they pick up my machines on Wednesday. I don't trust Sears not to pick up my items and then inform me that I can't get my refund because there's no record of the pickup in the system. I was told by two Sears employees I'm being paranoid. Then I remind them of the whole SNAFU Sears caused in the first place and they understand. I don't care how funny the delivery guys look at me, they're signing my receipt.

On the bright side, today I get my nice machines from Best Buy installed by my husband and father-in-law. Now here are two guys who are really smart and very meticulous about everything they do in life. Marry an engineer, you won't be disappointed. I'm spoiled because my husband does EVERYTHING around here. Our new house rule is he installs EVERTHING. Period.

I did manage to knock another sewing project out of the way. It's a crib sheet with matching blanket for my baby daughter. It's a super easy and quick project. The perfect shower gift for someone, in fact. It took me way too long to do it though since I was so stressed I wasn't thinking clearly and had to tear out a bunch of serging. I'll post my project later for you to see.

Next up on the agenda? Halloween costumes for the whole family, starting with my two oldest girls.

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Janine said...

Good thing you have such a smart husband! So....any progress on the costumes?