Friday, March 14, 2008

Horton Hears a Retching Sound

So tonight the family and I decided to go to IHOP for dinner. I have this thing lately about wanting to eat there. Of course when we sit down to look at the menu, our girls immediately noticed the pretty picture depicting yummy pancakes covered in pastel syrup and candy, topped with a pretty pink lollipop. So of course they want it. And why not? It looks kid-friendly enough. Now I'm looking at this thing and while I admit it sure is pretty to look at, common sense is telling me--no, screaming at me not to order this item for my girls. So of course, being as I'm a fully competent adult....I order the who-cakes for one and the jo-jo meal for the other. Now the jo-jo meal also comes with ham and a side of green eggs. "Why are the eggs green?" You might ask. Well, that's because some marketing genius thought "Hey, let's make the eggs green by putting creamed spinach in them!". No. Seriously. I'm not joking. When the food arrived, the girls oohed and aahed over the pretty display, and immediately snatched up their lollipops. And that's as long as the novelty lasted. My 5-year-old promptly scraped off the colorful sauce and candy and ate some of my normal pancakes instead. My 3-year-old ate some of hers and probably elevated her blood sugar beyond belief. She (wisely) completely ignored the creamed-spinach-egg nightmare.

Who the bloody heck decides to mix creamed spinach and scrambled eggs?? Not only that...but then decides to market them to KIDS!! BLECH!

And the most burning question of all: What was I THINKING?! Definitely not one of my better mom moments.

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Dana said...

Just found your blog via PR and have to comment. I went through the same situation with my kids (ages 5, 7)! We'd just gotten them to stop ordering the giant chocolate chip pancake, which never was eaten, and then it's the lollipop stack! That pink and blue stuff is actually syrup!? Yuk!