Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Been Sewing Up A Storm

Yikes! My last entry was in December of 2008?! Well, I didn't get that dress for the Christmas party done like I had wanted, but that's ok. For a long while I wasn't sewing hardly a thing except the occasional item for my girls. I've had so much on my plate that I just haven't had the heart to sew.

I have recently been sewing up a storm though. I've gotten quite a few projects under my belt thus far. What's really amazing for me is that lately a lot of these projects have been for me! If you know me well, then you already know that I'm so focused on doing stuff for everyone else, that I neglect myself. So I decided that it was time for me to sew up a cute wardrobe finally.

I'm now addicted to Burda World of Fashion magazine. My friend Renee showed me her BWOF collection when I visited her and I was simply amazed by all the great styles. Not only do the styles actually look like something you would buy from a store, but BWOF patterns actually fit me. Thank goodness for European sizing! The following pictures are two pieces I've sewn from BWOF.

This tunic is really light and airy and fun to wear. I do get nervous with the button and loop closures though. I'm always worried about my body peeking out in the gap. I've been told though by several people I look fine so I guess I'm just paranoid.

I've also sewn this, which is my favorite thus far:The fabric was given to me by my friend Renee. Thanks, Renee! She got this cotton print in Ghana, Africa. I've never been out of the country at all, so I thought it was cool to be sewing with this. I've had this fabric for a while due to severe time constraints and also I was looking for just the right outfit. When I saw this dress in BWOF I immediately knew this was the pattern and I just had to sew it. I love dresses but never really wore them out of frustration of not finding any that fit in the stores that I liked. My bust was always too big. So I'm thrilled to finally be able to create dresses that fit.

Right now I'm in the process of making a jersey knit dress from BWOF. I've never worked with jersey before but wow is this stuff soft! I'm looking forward to getting this dress done and hopefully will post a picture here as long as I don't disappear for months on end again.


Sherril said...

Welcome back! I love those two garments. Especially the maxi dress. But please, don't say your body is too big, it's perfect. The RTW clothes are just too small. I hate it when RTW makes us feel bad about our bodies. You look very lovely in your new perfect-for-you garments.

Pyrose said...

Thanks so much, Sherril! Shopping RTW really does stress me out. It's a weird feeling to have a dress now that actually fits, but a nice feeling of course!

Janine said...

I love that top and that dress. You really have some special clothing items now. Great job!

Janine said...

You need a new blog post! How about we take a photo of my wonderful robe and you could write about that?!